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This brief tutorial describes how Research Randomizer can be used for randomly selecting numbers to pick your Lucky Lottery Numbers, randomly assigning subjects to experimental conditions, or drawing a random sample of individuals from a population. The examples are intended to be illustrative, not exhaustive.

Random Sample of 100 Telephone Numbers These days, surveys based on random-digit dialing are complicated and expensive to conduct. For purposes of pilot tests or small-scale surveys, however, Research Randomizer can be used to provide an economical set of telephone numbers within a specified exchange (in the United States the telephone exchange, or "prefix," consists of the first three digits after the area code).

Suppose you are a survey researcher who wants to find out what people think about a local referendum. To gather the necessary information, you decide to call 100 people living in a particular area of the city and ask them about the issue. Because the phone numbers in this district begin with 392-0000 and end in 392-9999, you would use the Randomizer form to generate 1 set of 100 unique, unsorted numbers with a range from 3920000 to 3929999 (representing the range of phone numbers in this district).

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