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Assuming the lottery is completely random (and I sure hope it is !), then what lucky numbers should you select ? Actually, that's the wrong question really - it should be what lucky numbers shouldn't you select ! This is because, being greedy, you want all the money to yourself if you win the jackpot (yes, you have to share it if more than one person matches the 6 numbers), so it's important to avoid "obvious" lucky numbers and sequences that other people might use.

Here's a personal guide:

If you know the 6 lucky numbers someone else has used, don't use all 6 of them yourself, because you'll have to share the jackpot ! In fact, that last point is interesting - it may mean that, if you want to take things to extremes, you shouldn't reveal your lucky numbers to anyone else in case they copy them.

Outside of the above restrictions, pick anything you like. I use my full telephone number split into two digit lucky numbers plus my birthdate (even if someone else uses this scheme, the chance of them having the same 6 lucky numbers as me is extremely remote). Fortunately, all of these were under 50 and my phone number even reads perfectly left to right on my lottery ticket if I drop the birthdate ! Also, 3 of the lucky numbers are above 31 and 3 aren't and there are no consecutive numbers. There is a 3-number multiple sequence (with an offset) though, but it's not a sequence someone would normally pick, so I'm happy with it.

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