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Lucky Cards

In the short term Luck will be a big factor in determining whether you win or lose. This is true of games that have positive expectations as well as games with a high house edge. If you are playing games like slots or Roulette with a high house edge luck will be the only way to win. In the long run you will lose at these games. The casino will see the long term because they are open 24/7 and the math will equal out for them. But if you are only an occasional visitor to the casino it is possible to have some sort term wins. This is the reason that people go back to the casinos. If the outcome of each visit were based strictly on math you would never win because there would be no deviation from the long-term results. If this happened no one would play. If you knew you would lose five cents on the dollar every time you bet a number in roulette or pulled the handle on the slot machine it would be pretty silly to just hand over money.

For games of skill like poker, blackjack or video poker the "Luck" factor will even out as you reach the theoretical result refereed to as the long run. Many wonder what constitutes the long run any way. Is it a million hands or two? There really is no specific answer. Some casual players may never play enough hands in a lifetime to achieve long-term results.

This doesn't mean that you don't need to learn the proper strategy for these games. The knowledge to play proper strategy to the best of your ability will help you move toward the positive end of the spectrum. Just believing in luck is not enough to improve your chances. A wise man once said "Faith will move mountains but you better bring along your shovel and be prepared to help with the work." In the casino your shovel will be your knowledge of proper play.

Luck determines the cards you are dealt. Knowledge and skill determines how you play them. A lucky person finds a way to use his abilities to come out ahead. This is true in casino games and is also a factor in the game of life.

We all know someone who is extremely lucky. Think of the luckiest person you know. You will find that person is usually happy, outgoing and upbeat. They know how to make the best of any situation. On the other hand think about someone you know who always seems to have bad luck. Do they complain and gripe all the time? The "Lucky" person is usually the one with the positive attitude. Look at the chart below. Compare these traits and see how many fit your personality.

It's just possible that your attitude can change your luck. We've all heard the saying, "When life deals you lemons, Learn how to make lemonade." The person that turns an adverse situation into an advantages one is sometimes looked upon as being lucky, when it was actually their attitude that brought about the luck.

Here is a little exercise you can do to try and change your attitude and your luck. When you get up in the morning think about one of luckiest things that has happened to you in your life. Maybe it was meeting that special person in you life or finding a hot stock that tripled over night. Perhaps it was that one time you were in "the right place at the right time". Keep the thought of that event in the back of your mind. During the day if things don't go exactly right think back on your past good fortune and don't get discouraged.

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